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 my drops today

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PostSubject: my drops today   Fri Nov 07, 2008 12:21 am

well guyz iv had a fantastic day for drops today iv bin on for about 7 hrs 3 hrs b4 work 4 hrs after and i got -
storm bringer from frost
rapist from orc in town
x nec from stalker near ettin
crit5 wrath axe exp 20 from ettin
anti psn nec from zombie in pl on mage
ms10 nec from stalker in ettin pit

and il b on for about 30more mins, quite a good day eh?
and iv taken ss, as i thought all good drops i get ima take ss so ppl cant say my items are from gm Evil or Very Mad

its bin a early xmas for meee lol santa
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my drops today
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