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 Player Rules

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PostSubject: Player Rules   Tue Oct 25, 2011 12:44 am

1. No Hacking(any program modifying the game). Hacking can be punished by Ban from server or character deletion.
2. No chat spamming is allowed or advertisements. Punishable by muting character chat from 5min - 15min.
3. Respect Players and Game Masters. fighting with player/GM in chat will be punishable by character mute 5-15min
4. No cursing/foul language in public chat. Player gets 1 warning and if it continue they will be muted for 5min.
5. Do not lame enemy kills (killing a player continuously for a free kill). if u lame eks this will result in punishment of eks, levels or rep being taken away.

Constantly abusing these rules could result in a permanent ban from server.
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Player Rules
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