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 Questions and suggestions

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PostSubject: Questions and suggestions   Wed Feb 08, 2012 4:48 am

1) What's the number of times you can x or m stone an item before it has the potential to break on this server [I'm assuming +1]
2) Does Boss Mobs have a greater chance of dropping Balls than normal monsters?
3) Does Hero Armor have 100% hit prob and +7 dmg here?
4) Is Fullswing of DarkKnightGiantSword 130str or 156str the weight seems the same as DarkKnightFlamberge so i cant tell
5) Will enchants be for chest back berk legs and head eventually? [atm it seems like chest and legs mostly]

- my suggestion is mid/high level mobs like werewolfs have insane hit prob on this server, i have 200dex and still get hit 90% of the time by them. making it pretty damn hard to solo. I kill about 10 of them and im out of pots and draining mana using great heal.
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Questions and suggestions
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